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A smart and secure way to tap into the enormous pool of skills presented by your internal network

Fast and easy human capital search engine.
Smart way to align right experts to the right projects.
Instant collaboration with the relevant group of experts.
Easy search and storage of shared documents.

How it Works

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SkillGravity Features

  • 100% of people realize that existing search solutions based on expertise of in-house talents are outdated.

    Your contact book is now a search engine

    Look up a person via the combination of expertise, personal notes and even posted files.

  • Disengagement is a result of shortage of tasks or lack of recognition among colleagues and management.

    Never forget even small details about employees & co-workers

    Add notes and privately edit other's profile with specific expertise or contact information for your convenience.

  • 80% of people admit that they spend more than 5 minutes to find at least 1 expert that has desired skills.

    An intelligent way to utilize all the skill sets and talents of employees

    Instantly collaborate with the relevant group of experts and get trustworthy, and professional advice.

  • Only 30% of employees in the US and 13% worldwide are engaged at work.

    Keep track of expert knowledge of your employees

    Align right experts to the right projects in an easy and smart way

  • 100% people say that traditional file sharing solutions don’t provide an efficient search.

    Easy search & storage of shared documents

    Easy search through shared and relevant to you files or documents.

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